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Rigeneratori per solventi organici e acetone Antideflagranti ATEXATEX Solvents Regenerator
Mod. 30 ATEX
Mod. 60 ATEX

Solvents Regenerator

MODEL 60 & Atex - Capacity 65 LTS

The machine regenerates 65 Lt. of solvent in about 4-6 hours using 3.2 Kw/h only, and takes off all impurities. The working cycle is completely automatic.A very attentive analysis has allowed reduction of power consumption to the lowest terms possible; 15-18 Kw for the whole cycle only. This outcome has been obtained by avoiding all loss of heat in the boiler. Insulation is provided with 4 cms of Rock wool. The bottom of the oil chamber is insulated and does not touch the bottom. The high linear development of the electric resistance and its low power keep the watt/cmq at low values with great benefits for oil life. This also avoids the forming of sludge which could lower efficiency in time.

The loading oil plug is complete with a level gauge to allow immediate control.
The boiler may contain a nylon heat-resistant bag . We recommend the use of the bag which facilitates cleaning and allocation of residuals.
The machine is equipped with an internal cover which isolates the steam from the closing cover.
It is provided with a punch which forces the operator to drill the bag near the steam outlet, when incorrectly positioned.

Every single part has been conceived to make the use of the distiller easier and error-free.

  • The body, the boiling chamber, the oil chamber, the electric resistance and the covers are made of stainless steel Aisi 304; the condenser radiator is made of copper with aluminium fins. ( stainless stell as optional )
  • This is the only distiller with a double pipe for solvent outlet with an emergency thermostat which stops the working cycle in case the fan is not working properly, if room temperature raises higher than 45C, or if the radiator is clogged. The second outlet avoids the necessity of installing an emergency valve which must lead to the exterior according to law.
  • The easy cleaning and maintenance make this machine suitable even for non-skilled users.
* The electrical system is assembled with
   explosion proof ATEX certification.
Rigeneratori per solventi organici e acetone

Technical Characteristics
Total Guarantee: one year.
Sizes: 620x980x1000 h
Approx. weight: 100 KGs
Main Features: power 3.2 W 220-240 volt s/f
Diathermic Oil Lt 17

self-certification valid only when installed properly.

Rigeneratori per solventi organici e acetone

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